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introduction to armenta studios

Creating original content for film, television, radio, publishing, and gaming for entertainment.


ARMENTA STUDIOS is a production company headed by Louis A DeLombré, along with producers Heather A DeLombré and Maria M DeLombré.

ARMENTA STUDIOS produces original content with creative storytelling and innovative ideas for feature film, television (both scripted and Unscripted) and emerging distribution platforms.  With media branches in radio, performing arts, literature, print and gaming.


Please take the time to view what ARMENTA STUDIOS has in production and see if your investment fits into what we are accomplishing and our philosophy.

ARMENTA STUDIOS plans on producing two to three films per year, each with a low budget.  We produce projects that are both commercially viable and socially relevant.  We evaluate the projects by showing them to our creative team, assessing their cost, commercial viability and social relevance.

ARMENTA STUDIOS crafts venture building opportunities, optimizes and negotiates the formation of equity partnerships, through investments, angel funding, product placement, sponsorships, co-production deals, advertising partners, to cultivate the concepts of ARMENTA STUDIOS with the goal of reaching hundreds of millions around the globe.


Please enter your contact details and a short message and we will pass along your hook-up.

Please note: Do not use this contact form for script submissions, It is the policy of ARMENTA STUDIOS  not to accept, but rather to reject the submission of ideas without prior authorized invitation. The word ideas in this context includes all creative suggestions, artwork, designs, theme park attraction concepts, game proposals, scripts, treatments, manuscripts, one-sheets, and songs, in whatever form, from whatever source, and however communicated.

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