Producer | Maria M. DeLombre

Producer: Maria m. DeLombre

Maria’s family has worked within the entertainment industry for the past 65 years.  She started working with her farther in the entertainment industry at an early age as he emceed shows within Los Angeles.  Her father Manuel work in radio, television and movies.  He became an AFTRA member in 1970.  Maria’s mother worked in the fashion industry and she assisted her with her boutique in Silver Lake, CA.  Maria produces, writes and creates for Armenta Studios.  Maria leads Spanish language content and development for Armenta Studios.  Maria’s father was Manuel “Meño” Mora.  She writes poetry and enjoys long days with her granddaughter Lyonette

Producer | Director: Louis A. DeLombre

Director | Producer: Louis A. DeLombre

Born in East Hollywood, CA and raised in the Silver Lake Hills.  Louis grew-up around the entertainment and fashion industry’s.  Founded Armenta Signature Graphics Firm in 2005 and has worked with clients like, GM, Cadillac, Nissan, Infiniti, One Shot, Giovanna Wheels and other company’s.  Louis is head creator of content for Armenta Studios.  He has several business ventures under the Armenx organization,  Works as designer and publisher within the automotive field.  Creator of the Nuklyo Network.  Louis lives with his wife, their daughter Lyonette and his mother.  His passions are entertainment, fashion and automotive.  His hobbies are painting, hitting the batting cage, and building model cars.  Louis is a cat lover.

Producer | Heather A. DeLombre

Producer: heather A. DeLombre

Heather was born in Hollywood, CA and grew up in Los Angeles’ Chinatown district.  She attended elementary in Silver Lake, where she would meet her future husband (Kindergarten Sweethearts).  Being raised on a healthy diet of movies, from all genres.  She would credit this medium as the driving force behind her passion of writing, love of photography and filmmaking.  She began working with her husband’s advertising agency, Armenta Signature as a photographer.  During this same time both Heather and Louis would create a production company, Armenta Studios and as co-presidents they create content for the entertainment fields.  Heather and her husband’s greatest accomplishment is that of the birth of their daughter Lyonette.  Heather, Louis, Lyonette and Heathers mother-in-law live in the Silver Lake Hills.  Heather’s a dog lover